In period of economic, social and employment turbulences, the concept of employee engagement and its contribution to the success of an organization is increasing. Because of this, there has been an increasing interest in the area by various academics and researchers. But how easy is it to be achieved in circumstances such as the above-mentioned? What are the prerequisites to be met and what practices may enhance the engagement of employees? However, at times when employment is accompanied mostly by words such as insecurity, cuts or dismissal, the achievement of good psychology and increased moral, faces many obstacles. Furthermore, conditions such as high unemployment, fear of change and the potential of shrinkage of family’s financial budget, can cause employees to remain into a job position even if they do not enjoy what they are doing. The rapid changes of today’s business reality have an effect on the well-being of the employees. This research aims to investigate one of the many issues affecting employees, that of employee engagement, focusing specifically on the “Generation Y” group of employed individuals within Cyprus business arena.

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